MeteoGroup supercharges sales

-How can a complicated brand message hurt sales?
-Can simplifying your messaging reverse a sales decline?
-How can a highly technical company turn its complexity into a simple brand message?

I met Jeffrey and to be honest I think after 10 minutes I made my decision that Jeffrey is clearly the best guy I’ve ever seen out there from a messaging perspective.

I say this because Jeffrey is capable of putting into words what you have in your mind and you just do not manage to get it out in a proper way. Well Jeffrey is going to be able to do this in a few words.

I’m Donat Retif. I’m the CEO of MeteoGroup, the global weather authority. MeteoGroup was a company that was actually declining in revenue for over 2 years, and within 6 months we’ve been able to find the inflection point and we were able to grow again with almost double digits over the last 4 quarters. So it has been something that has been absolutely sustainable.

And the whole basis for that has been the messaging we did with Jeffrey.

We were just not able to communicate to the outside world how great we were. Being a company of many scientists and technology people, we had the bad habit of being very focused inward. And we had to go outwards with very simple concepts in order to explain to, you know, any CEO, any CMO how could weather impact their life within their business.

And Jeffrey has been absolutely outstanding of being able to take all this complexity and bring it in a very simple manner. And in messaging that our salesforce and marketing people could use out there with our customers. Jeffrey is someone who does not leave anybody indifferent. If you put him in front of a room of HR people, finance people, salespeople, whatever, everyone will come out of the room saying “wow!”