BlueCore communicates clearly

What can a successful company do when it outgrows its brand message? Watch this 90-second video to see Fayez Mohammed, CEO of retail marketing platform company BlueCore explain how the company’s growth made describing their value more difficult, and how a message makeover with Jeffrey Pease set the stage for the next wave of growth. 

What Marketing Questions Does This Video Answer?
• Can a company outgrow its brand message? 
• How does a message makeover help align the internal team? 
• Can refreshing core messaging guide company investments and acquisitions 
• Where should CEOs and CMOs turn for messaging help? 

Video Transcript
If you want help on messaging, marketing, positioning. I would go time and time again to Jeffrey and I personally have three different times over the course of the last three years. My name is Fayez. I'm the cofounder and CEO of BlueCore. About two and a half years into the company, we realized that we had lost the crispness of the original message, but we also needed to communicate the power of the advanced platform. We needed to sit down and work with someone like Jefrey that allowed us to really crisply articulate all of that, without complicating the message. Working with Jeffrey on messaging allowed us to align on what were the core differentiators of BlueCore that gave us the reason to exist in the marketplace in a way that was differentiated than everybody else. So getting our, internal team to align on that was hugely valuable. Jeffrey's expertise spans many different functions, both from his operating experience at companies like Business Objects and Medidata and that expertise around branding, product marketing, pricing is highly valuable. So in the past 18 months, I've talked to probably five or six different CEO's, and they would go, "hey, what have you done that was super impactful in the last three, six, nine months." And one of the things I would always tell folks is, if you don't have a core message, figured out. You need to talk to Jeffrey.