How it works
How Message Mechanics works with you to simplify your message
Why invest in brand message?
Businesses come to us when
They can show value in a thousand words, but not in ten
Sales, Marketing and other employees tell different stories
Creating compelling sales and marketing content is a struggle
The Process
Day 1: Discovery Call
Helping your brand speak more clearly starts with listening. In this initial consultation, we'll learn about your current messaging and any market or internal challenges it creates.
Week 1: Message Audit
The Message Audit benchmarks your brand story (clear? compelling? consistent?) and impacts on sales, marketing and team cohesion. The audit is done through a customized online survey, interviews and competitive research. Although usually done in preparation for a live workshop, the message audit may also be performed independently to evaluate the need for re-messaging.
Week 3: Live Messaging Workshop
This in-person executive workshop will crack the tough messaging issues unique to your business. The Message Mechanics process, developed over hundreds of engagements, structures creativity and unites your team to distill your story. The end product is a Message Matrix that includes a one-sentence Positioning Statement, three Key Messages and nine Proof Points.

Week 4-5: Message Delivery
After the workshop, we will remotely work through any remaining refinements and provide a final Messaging Guide. In addition to the Message Matrix, this guide will include sample prose for different uses, such as a conversational elevator pitch or a written About section. Optionally, we can also schedule a handoff meeting with your Marketing team or even present the new messaging at your sales kickoff.
6-12 Months: Message Tune-up
Both your business and the market change. A Message Matrix is normally has a useful life of at least 18-24 months. However, rapid growth, market shifts or strategic pivots can require change much sooner. The optional Messaging Tuneup lets you review and refresh your messaging after it has been tested in the market.
The Results
What people say about Jeffrey Pease and Message Mechanics
Tenna communicates clearly, getting everyone on the same page
MeteoGroup supercharges sales, returning to growth
BlueCore builds a more valuable brand
What clients say
Fayez Mahamood
CEO, BlueCore
"For help with messaging, marketing, positioning; I would go to Jeffrey time and again. And I personally have."
Dave Stephens
Founder, Coupa
"Wonderfully talented. Marketing is not just brainstorming. Jeffrey employs a methodology while many others just shoot from the hip."
Nitsa Zuppas
CMO, Veeva Systems
"Exceptional at creating selling stories. I highly recommend Jeffrey."
Crispin Read
General Manager Dynamics, Microsoft
"Jeffrey quickly earned the respect of senior experts at Microsoft and led us to a clear, crisp story for our new Microsoft Dynamics release."
Frank Seminaro
"Jeffrey guided us to short, sharp, powerful messaging for Cisco's complex billion-dollar Cloud and Managed Services business."
Damon Tassone
President, Intent Global
"Nobody has ever understood our business so quickly, so well as Jeffrey Pease. "