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Thinking about sharpening your brand message? Here are some resources and inspirations to help.
Do companies invest in brand messaging?
Tenna communicates clearly, getting everyone on the same page
BlueCore builds a more valuable brand
MeteoGroup supercharges sales, returning to growth
A simple structure and a repeatable process
The Message Matrix is a structure for boiling your value down into a clear story that sells.

Listen in as Cornell University's Alumni leadership council learns "How Not to Bore Your Customers to Death."

This video is 38 minutes long and teaches the basics of the Message Matrix structure.
Thinking about your own Message Makeover?

This video provides key techniques you can use yourself and lets you know when to seek help.

Is it fun?
Yes, it is!
Frequently asked questions
What determines the price of cleaning?
The price of cleaning depends on the following components:
The size of the apartment/house
Type of service you have ordered
Your individual wishes
Can I sign a contract for regular cleaning? Any discounts?
Yes, you can sign a contract with us and we will give you a discount as a regular customer.
All the details you can find on the phone call or e-mail.
What is not included in the cleaning fee?
The cleaning fee does not include ceilings, blinds and walls. We also do not move heavy furniture.
Who is responsible If your employee brakes something?
Our company employs professionals with many years of experience. We can assure you that such situations will not arise.
If this still happens – we guarantee compensation for damage caused by our employee.
What to do if valuable things are missing after cleaning?
All employees are checked by the security service and value their work.
However, if such a situation happens and you doubt the honesty of our staff – contact us and we will take the necessary measures.
Feedback from our regular customers
Jessica Limmnau
We ordered cleaning for 2 rooms and kitchen. Very responsible and professional staff. Refrigerator, microwave, stove, sink – all cleaned to Shine! We are very pleased.
Linda Bay
In the evening left the application and agreed on cleaning. The Manager listened carefully, confirmed the application. The cleaning crew was on site today. We arrived even a little earlier.
Alexandra Willson
Ordered cleaning after repair. They did everything quickly and efficiently. The Before and After result was amazing!
Amanda Jason
Ordered cleaning of the house. A team was professionally equipped. We performed the work quickly and efficiently. Well done!
Michael Daviotu
They have very responsible employees In Cleansy. Responsible for regular cleaning and General. The apartment just shines. They do everything carefully and quickly. Cleaners are not distracted, careful about things. Advise!
Helen Simmons
I am very glad to such a careful approach to cleaning, as Ivan and Zarina gave. All very neat and clean, thank you!
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