Messaging resources for Oxos Medical
Hi Oxos team! I'm excited about possibly working with you and have gathered some resources and inspirations to help with your decision.
Welcome message from Jeffrey Pease
Why invest in sharpening your brand message?
To grow your business by:
-Communicating clearly
-Supercharging sales
-Building a more valuable brand

These CEOs say it works!
Tenna communicates clearly, getting the team on the same page
BlueCore builds a more valuable brand
MeteoGroup supercharges sales, returning to growth
A simple structure and a powerful, repeatable process
The Message Matrix is a powerful structure for boiling your value down into a clear story that sells.

I've refined it over 20 years and 500 engagements, so you can grasp the basics in just 8 minutes.
Want to learn more? Listen in as Cornell University's Alumni leadership council learns "How Not to Bore Your Customers to Death."

This video is 38 minutes long and teaches the basics of the Message Matrix structure.
Is it fun?
Yes, it is!

See Marie Kondo tidy up brand messaging!
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