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Copy of Experience 7-5-2018

Startups to Fortune 100


Acknowledged as the messaging expert by Oracle colleagues worldwide, Jeffrey founded the Oracle Messaging team and progressed from Manager to Vice President through roles in Product Marketing, Management and Strategy. The Message Matrix methodology he developed is still widely used at Oracle and by Oracle alumni in leadership roles throughout the industry.

Wonderfully talented. Marketing is not just brainstorming. Jeffrey employs a methodology while many others just shoot from the hip.
— Dave Stephens, SVP Oracle Applications Labs (Now CEO, FreeAgent CRM)


For a major enterprise suite release, Microsoft engaged Jeffrey to sum up tens of millions of development investment in a short, punchy release theme. The resulting “Powerfully Simple” messaging drove all release marketing, culminating with CEO Steve Balmer’s product announcement.

Jeffrey quickly earned the respect of senior experts at Microsoft and led us to a clear, crisp story for our new Microsoft Dynamics release.
— Crispin Read, General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics (now CEO at Shmumble)

Cisco Systems

Cisco's Cloud Managed Services encompassed a broad set of products and services offered to telcos, who resold them to their end customers. Cisco engaged Jeffrey to weave these diverse offerings together with a simple, understandable positioning.

Jeffrey guided us to short, sharp, powerful messaging for Cisco’s complex billion-dollar Cloud and Managed Services business.
— Frank Seminaro, Global Marketing Director (now Supply Chain Marketing at Oracle)


Bluecore's brand was a victim of it's own success as it raised new funding, renamed and expanded from it's origins as Triggermail.  Jeffrey led the executive team to develop new company positioning and product hierarchy. Bluecore recently raised a new funding round of $35 million.

Jeffrey did a phenomenal job with BlueCore’s messaging framework. I’d recommend Message Mechanics to anyone.
— Fayez Mohamood, CEO


Fueled by private equity investment and new market pressures, European weather company MeteoGroup embarked on the deepest transformation in its 25-year history. In a year-long engagement, Jeffrey developed new company positioning and industry-specific marketing, as well as key communications for the CEO and head of HR.

Jeffrey was my go-to communication expert throughout a crucial year of company transformation, from company repositioning to board presentations and key announcements.
— Donat Retif, CEO


NewsCred realized they had not fully marketed their leadership position, leaving room for competitors to encroach on the Content Marketing Platform space that NewsCred largely created. Jeffrey led the executive team to create a highly differentiated Message Matrix in a few weeks and returned to refresh it after the company acheived Gartner Magic Quadrant leadership just over a year later.

Clarifying our positioning and product set with Jeffrey massively helped power NewsCred to becoming a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader.
— Lisa Kalscheur, VP of Marketing


Doodlecorp CEO Meenu Kumar struggled to reconcile growing the Delhi-based explainer video company with her own personal and artistic goals. As a long-term advisor, Jeffrey coaches Meenu and Doodlecorp to achieve the next level of success for both. During this work, Meenu became a finalist for the Mom Achiever Awards and was herself recruited to become a business advisor to much larger Indian firms.

Jeffrey’s mentorship directly led to doubling revenue and building a company that numbers the Gates Foundation, EY, and News Corp among our clients.
— Meenu Kumar, CEO

The Washington Firm

Washington Firm President Kristina Moris envisioned a new model for the thriving HR Consulting company. A more platform-based business could reduce her personal client load while plugging in high-level consultants to serve the wave of demand for harassment prevention training. She engaged Jeffrey to help her flesh out and stay on track with this vision.

Jeffrey is an extraordinary advisor who will help you blast through limits in business and life.
— Kristina Moris, President

intent media

Even with the world’s largest travel companies as marquis clients, Intent Media found it difficult to briefly express their value proposition and differentiators. The VP of marketing engaged Jeffrey to lead the executive team through a Message Matrix workshop to reinforce their leadership position.

Nobody has ever understood our business so quickly, so well as Jeffrey Pease.
— Damon Tassone, President and Co-Founder

SmartOps (an SAP Company)

SmartOps needed to boil the deep capabilities of their advanced inventory management software down to a few compelling claims. Jeffrey led the executive team through a Message Matrix workshop and was re-engaged to implement the new messages in web content and sales collateral. 

Working with Jeffrey on company messaging helped crystallize our differentiation and attractively positioned us in the very competitive and crowded marketplace.
— Sridhar Tayur, Founder

Medidata Solutions

As this clinical trial software leader expanded from Electronic Data Capture (EDC) to a broader offering, it needed positioning to knit its expanded product set into a coherent whole. Jeffrey developed the "Medidata Clinical Cloud" platform message as VP of Product Marketing and CMO.

Veeva Systems

The Chief Marketing Officer of this publicly traded life sciences SaaS leader engaged Jeffrey to provide professional development in messaging, storytelling and professional presence to the Product Marketing team.

Freeagent crm

After disrupting one software market by founding unicorn startup Coupa, Dave Stephens set his sights on another. For his second startup, FreeAgent CRM, Stephens engaged Jeffrey Pease as marketing advisor from day one.

Jeffrey is an amazing sounding board and “revisionary.” His unique mix of empathy, process and an artist’s touch clarifies ideas and makes them better.
— Dave Stephens, CEO


Visionary contract managemeCompany positioning for world's smartest Contract Lifecycle Management platform.


Positioning for advanced open source database management vendor, later acquired by VMware.

More Reviews

An inspiring and creative leader. Jeffrey is gifted teacher with a positive, humorous style that motivates people to deliver against seemingly impossible goals.
— Folia Grace, VP of Marketing, TalkDesk
The messaging master!!!
— Paul Pedrazzi, General Manager and Head of Design, CA Technologies
A master at driving clean, compelling product marketing and positioning. I am in awe of how Jeffrey can guide a roomful of people with very different personalities and agendas so that they work together.
— Karen dela Torre, VP Product Marketing, Workday
There’s always too much to say about a product or service – and Jeffrey Pease is the only Marketing expert I’ve met who provides succinct wording without losing any of the point. I continue to use the methods he taught me and am forever grateful.
— Pamela Dodrill, VP Customer Growth, Skilljar